The world’s most accurate forecaster, the Weather Channel keeps you updated on the latest weather forecast and helps you prepare yourself for extreme weather – snow, storms, lightning, and wildfires. Begin your day with the Weather Channel and track daily forecasts.

So, install & activate the Weather Channel app on your smart TV or streaming device at and receive storm alerts, live radar updates, and local precipitation updates. activate

Upgrade to the premium plan for exclusive access to advanced 72-hour future radar, ad-free weather, snow intensity, and 15-minute forecast details. In addition, you can get weather alerts on the go. The Weather Channel app is also available on iOS and Android devices.


Before following the activation process to access The Weather Channel app on your streaming device or smart TV, make sure you arrange the following.

  • A Streaming Device or Smart TV.
  • Account credentials of participating TV provider.
  • An additional device like Smartphone, PC, or Tablet.
  • Internet connection with optimum speed.

Once you have all these things ready, you can proceed with the activation steps provided below. If you are activating The Weather Channel app on Roku, Fire TV, Apple, or Android TV, the activation process is pretty simple. Just download & install The Weather Channel app from the application store and activate it at using your TV provider login credentials.

Follow the instructions below for detailed steps.

Enter Code at to Activate on Roku

  • Go to the Streaming Channels option from your Roku home screen.
  • Open Search, type The Weather Channel in the search bar and select the app from the results.
  • Next, press the Add channel button to download and install the app on Roku.
  • Tap the Go to channel button to launch the app after installation.
  • An activation code will display on your screen along with the activation link –
  • Open this activation link on a computer or mobile device.
  • Select your TV provider, enter the activation code and click Activate.
  • Now, sign in with your TV provider account credentials.
  • The Weather Channel app is now on your Roku device.

Activate The Weather Channel App on Apple TV via TV Provider

  • Access the App Store on your Apple TV and look for The Weather Channel app.
  • Once located, tap the Get button to install the app.
  • After installation, press Open to launch the app on Apple TV.
  • You will find an activation code along with activation instructions on your TV screen.
  • Now, open a browser on another device and visit
  • Select your TV provider, enter the code on the activation page, and tap the Activate button.
  • Then, sign in with your TV provider login credentials and follow the on-screen prompts (if any).
  • Return to your Apple TV and start watching The Weather Channel right away.

The Weather Channel Activation on Amazon Fire TV

  • Go to the Find section on your Fire TV.
  • In the search field, enter The Weather Channel using the virtual keypad.
  • Select the app from the search results and tap the Get button.
  • The application will begin installing on your Fire TV.
  • When installed, tap Open to launch the app.
  • A one-time unique code will display on TV.
  • Now, open a browser on your computer or phone and go to
  • Choose your TV provider and enter the activation code in the given field.
  • Tap the Activate button and log in with your TV provider account credentials.
  • You will then access The Weather Channel app on your Amazon Fire TV.

Activate The Weather Channel on Android TV at

  • From the main screen of your Android TV, go to Apps > Google Play Store.
  • Use the search option in the Play Store to locate The Weather Channel app.
  • Next, tap the Install button to add the app to your Android TV.
  • After installation, tap the Open button to launch the app.
  • Your TV screen will display a unique code and activation link –
  • Open the activation link on your phone/pc browser and select your TV provider from the given options.
  • Next, enter the activation code in the prompted field and tap the Activate button.
  • Then, sign in using your TV Provider account credentials and complete the on-screen prompts.
  • Your Android TV is now ready to stream The Weather Channel app.

So, by following these simple activation instructions, you can easily activate The Weather Channel app on your streaming device. However, if you face trouble during or after the activation process, you can consider the following troubleshooting tips.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Check Your Internet Connection
    • Make sure your internet connection is functioning properly.
    • Your streaming device must be receiving enough bandwidth to support The Weather Channel app.
    • Both your computer and streaming device must be connected to the internet to link your TV provider.
    • If using a slow-speed internet connection, avoid using multiple internet-enabled devices simultaneously.
  2. Update Your Streaming Device: Make sure that your streaming device/smart TV is running with the latest updates. Check if any update is pending or available for your streaming device. If available, install the update and restart your streaming device.
  3. Clear the App Cache: Consider clearing the Weather Channel app cache to overcome the common issue that you might be experiencing. After removing the cache, relaunch the app and check if the problem is resolved.
  4. Restart the App and Your Streaming Device: Rebooting your streaming device and the application help refresh the memory and resolve common app-related issues like blurred videos, app crashing, frequently freezing videos, etc.
  5. Uninstall and Reinstall The Weather Channel App: If you can’t access The Weather Channel App after activation, you need to uninstall and install it again. In most cases, reinstallation should help resolve the issues with the app. However, make sure to follow the activation process again at

Frequently Asked Questions

How to stop The Weather Channel app from sharing information?

– Go to the page and select the Privacy Settings option from the footer.
– Select the “California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Notice” right to “Opt-Out” choices.
– Then, manage your “Advertising, Analytics, and Opt-Out Choices” option by making desired changes.

How to cancel my subscription on iOS?

– Tap the Premium or Go Premium option located in the top-right corner of the app.
– Next, tap the Manage Subscription option.
– You will be directed to Apple’s Subscription system.
– Now, scroll down until the blue icon appears for The Weather Channel app.
– Then, tap on the bar displaying your subscription tier (Premium, Premium Pro) and period (Monthly, Annually).
– Locate and select the Cancel Subscription option and you are done.

Will Storm Radar be coming back on Android?

At present, there is no plan to bring Storm Radar on Android.

How can I get a refund?

If you wish to get a refund for an active subscription, send an email to [email protected] with “Storm Android Refund” mentioned in the Subject tab. Also, include a screenshot with proof of purchase and your Order ID.

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